Food was fine, what you’d expect from Chinese. I give it 3 stars however, because it took an hour to get to my house on a Thursday.. and I live very close. Also, the person delivering the food wouldn’t take the order up to the apartment so I had to go downstairs to get it, which to me kind of defeats the purpose of ordering delivery. Then, the Rangoons were chewy and the spring rolls were not fresh. Overall a meh experience.
Good food. Friendly delivery person.
The food is always good. Never bad. I enjoyed the food, but my Ginger Chicken was lacking ginger flavor and was not prepared as Hot (spicy) as requested. It was very hard to distinguish between it and my wife's Chicken wit Mixed Vegetables. Also, the General Tso's Chicken is not being prepared the way it should be. It used to be twice fried very crispy. It was the best in town. Now, it is the same as Sweet & Sour Chicken with General Tso's sauce.
Any questions please call us.